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Star II

Hi, I bought this motherboad specially because it have PS/2 connector but faced problems using PS/2 keyboard: when I saved something in BIOS then I can't enter in BIOS again, DEL of F2 buttons have not effect, also if I have failed overclock message like Press F1 to continue,  F1 not working.  I can enter to BIOS using PS/2 keyboard without any problems only if I loaded in Windows 11 then reboot system now then DEL and F2 buttons for enter BIOS work! Wnen I'm using USB keyboard then no bugs.... but I bought this motherboard for usinng PS/2 keyboard!

Second bug I have with my sibling Russian language localization in BIOS- some settings caused PC freezes in BIOS afer save changes... One example of setting which caused freezes PC in BIOS using Russian language is Advanced>Onboard device configuration>LED Lighting>When system is in sleep,hibernate or soft off states. When I'm using English language in BIOS then I have not any problems.

My steps for fix bugs but no effect:
1. Tried BIOS 2413 and newest 2613 versions
2. Used CLR_CMOS for reset BIOS settings
Attached video file with proof of PC freezes in BIOS using Russian language. I hope you're will fix PS/2 and Russian language bugs in BIOS, thanks.



Hello, @BORETS 

We apologize for the delayed response and any inconvenience it may have caused.
Regarding the first issue, when using a PS/2 keyboard and performing a cold boot, you can enter the BIOS using either the <Delete> or <F2> keys.
However, after saving settings and restarting, the keyboard becomes unresponsive, preventing re-entry into the BIOS or accessing the system by pressing <F1>. Is this correct?

Regarding the second issue, does it occur specifically on BIOS versions 2413 or 2613?
Are you and other users experiencing the same problem using the TUF GAMING B650M-E?
Could you please provide a complete video recording of the first issue, demonstrating the initial functionality of the PS/2 keyboard and its subsequent failure after reboot, along with the following hardware information for further verification?
- the images of manually adjusting items in BIOS, or whether it is the default
- the brand and model name of the CPU, GPU, RAM (part number and installed slots as well), SSD/HDD, and PSU currently installed
- the OS version and OS build
- the circumstances and frequency of the problem

Thank you.

Hi, yes. When I save something in BIOS settings by F10 then PC reboot and f2 or Del unresponsible and booting OS happening or if I have overclocking failed error then can't enter to BIOS using PS/2 keyboard F1 button...
I have AMD Ryzen 5 8600G processor, RAM 2x24GB A-Data AX5U6400C3224G-BLABRWH, Windows 11 23H2 22631.3527, SATA SSD KINGSTON SKC600256G (50026B7784424086) [238 GB] C:
In attachment I uploaded case when specially caused unbootable system by overclocking RAM up to 7800 MHz. You can see that PS/2 keyboard unresponsible and F1 not take effect like Del also not take effect and I can't enter to BIOS to change settings, bug exists in both BIOS 2413 and 2613 BIOS. I do not know about another users of  the TUF Gaming B650M-E, frequency of faced this bug is 99%. USB keyboard work fine but PS/2 unresponsible outside OS. Also sometimes after enter BIOS by PS/2 keyboard then PS/2 keyboard not working and need to use mouse, frequency is 10% I think. I hope now you understand bugs. And do not forget Russian language bug when PC stuck in BIOS after saving settings. Thank you!

Hello, @BORETS 

Thank you for providing the additional explanation and video.
May I ask if you are currently using integrated graphics, and could you please provide the brand and model of your PSU?
Additionally, I have DM you, kindly check your inbox on the top-right corner of the forum at your convenience. 

Thank you.

Hi,@Jiaszzz_ASUS . I'm using integrated graphics and using  PSU Chieftec Silicon SLC-750C, 750 W