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Asus Prime H610M-A D4 (CSM) V-M.2 slot

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I'm using this motherboard but I don't find any specific information about the V-M.2 slot on this motherboard.

I searched lot of forums, dicsuccions, documentations etc. but there is no exact info about the exact interface.

Asus says: V-M.2 slot only (Key E, CNVi & PCIe)*. * Wi-Fi module is sold separately. - but there is no Asus wifi module you can buy... 

I was able to find a few other wifi modules with case on the market, but without any exact info about the compatibility with this board.

And what does it mean (CNVi & PCIe) exactly? What interface wifi module you can use? Only PCIe? CNVi? Or CNVi2? Or both?

Because CNVi and CNVi2 not compatible at all. With CNVi interface you cannot use a CNVi2 wifi module.

If I'm not wrong, only Intel AX200, 210 and some Killer module has PCIe interface and all other current products - 101, 201, 203, 211, 411 etc - uses CNVi2.

May I use a CNVi2 module or should I stay at PCIe interface modules?





Hello, @MW76 

May I inquire if the hardware component you are currently seeking is the V-M.2 PCIe WiFi Card with the Intel AX200 chipset?
We recommend consulting relevant specifications for your purchase decision.

Thank you.

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Yes, and no. Yes, I'm seeking a V-M.2 Wifi Card or module into the dedicated V-M.2 slot. I would like to buy something faster / newer / future proofer solution than the AX200 but there is no info about the allowed cards / chipsets (AX200, 210 etc.) (But NO, I don't care if the card is an Asus brand card or not. I'm using now an Asus AX200 PCIe X1 card but I need the slot for an other hw that's why I'm seeking something into the V-M.2 slot.)

To be honest, since I wrote the post, I ordered an AX210 card, I hope it will work. The AX210 has PCIe interface (by Intel docs) so I think it should work.