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Zenbook Warranty Issue

Star I

I've been chasing ASUS and Curry's (my seller here in the UK) for my laptop that has been returned for warranty repair for the fourth time in the last few months. I purchased the laptop 9 months ago and haven't had the device with me for 3 months now. Every time it comes back claiming that it's repaired and has gone through extensive QC and tests before dispatch only to find a new problem with it.  In spite of calling, emailing and reaching out to customer service multiple time, I've had no positive feedback. 

Is there any way to escalate this issue further? I'm currently seeking legal advice because there seems to be no resolution.



Hi @yasinyehya ,

may I ask if your question is related to a laptop?
If so, we are delighted to provide you with a dedicated discussion forum to ensure you receive the best support and answers.
For our laptop series products, we have created the forum specifically for users of laptop products.
On the forum, you can ask questions related to the products, share your experiences, and interact with other users.
Our dedicated team will also be there to provide personalized assistance, ensuring you receive accurate and timely responses.
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Thank you.