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System: Windows 7
Battery or AC: AC
Description: ASUS RMA!!!
Model: ASUS RMA!!!!
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No

Last edited by aaronwilliamson3217 on 2019/12/24 05:57 Has anyone experience something like this?I sent my Vivobook 14 flip for RMA because one of the hinges broke after about a 1 month usage(The laptop was rarely opened and closed because I use it as a media station for my TV). I wrapped the hack out of it with bubble fillers in case any damage occurs. Days went by. I received an email stating that the unit arrived damaged and I would have to pay $400 to repair the unit otherwise, they will send it back to me unpaired. I bought it for $300. The picture seems that the damage occurred while someone was trying to open the back casing. What do you guys think? Any advises10.

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Hello aaronwilliamson3217, Please provide your SN or RMA number to me through PM. Thank you.