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  • Does the proximity sensor works correctly on calls and pocket mode?

  • Joining this club also, proximity sensor is constantly reporting "near" in proximity test

    • Calling perma-turns off the screen (unless I press power to wake device)
    • Playing audio in facebook messenger turns off my screen always (noticed as of last week)
    • Camera will not flip unless I'm incredibly lucky
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    Yes, these are the problems. Everything that use the proximity sensor read it's output like something is near.

    As said previously, I think that's a SW bug brought by the last SW update because problems began after it

    So the possible solutions are: wait for another update with a bugfixing or have enough luck like samvelkoch whose problems disappeared

    I say this because like him I tried to reboot the phone many times to try if the flipping could work again and it didn't help

  • Thank you - I can almost 100% confirm that it is proximity sensor related.

    I installed Magisk+Riru+EdExposed+Sensor Disabler, and set Proximity to "Mock" 10cm - now:

    • Calls don't turn screen off automatically (fine with me, never liked this)
    • Facebook Messenger doesn't turn off screen when I play audio (awesome)

    While I'm convinced it seems to be a bug now affecting many people at the same time, I'm fine with mocking the value at 10cm for the interim.

    Thank you for this thread - I thought I was going crazy :)

  • I was already rooted (via Magisk) - but yes, I installed the Riru "Module" + Riru EdExposed "Module" + Sensor Disabler app from PlayStore (that requires Xposed)

    Within the app you can mock the sensor, and even disable it. Setting it to "10cm" registers it permanently as "away" in the proximity test.


  • .165 doesn't fix this.

  • I just wish there was a way to disable the proximity sensor without having to root. I'm within warranty period but can't service my phone because I unlocked the bootloader.

    Very sad that I need to choose between SafetyNet pass + broken proximity sensor or Safeteynet fail + disabled proximity sensor....

    Is there now dev commands to help us here?

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    My problem starts with .165 update. Following are my findings:

    1) take any ir remote controller like TV's remote. Align its ir with phones proximity sensor and press any button on remote. The proximity will goes from near to far for that moment means sensors ir detector is working fine.

    2) Then i thought it is ir in sensor that is not working but i checked it with laptops camera(i didnt have another phone) to check if ir is glowing or not and turns out it is working (see the picture attached below).

    3) I installed proximity action app from playstore in this app whenever i bring my finger near to proximity sensor phone vibrates which means sensor itself is ok and working but in testing it always show near/close. This further strengthen my belief that it is software problem

    Check the video attached. 'Time between waves' value changes when i bring my finger close to proximity sensor and also when i remove it . In video once it says FAR is when i pressed tv remote controller.

  • Yes, it's like is working in reverse

    I tried to point the remote control when the Camera app was working and I managed to flip it without problems

    So yes, is the dimostration that is a software - related bug

  • My phone had a fall from waistline height. Proximity sensor working fine immediately after that. My first thought after that fall was to check camera. Lets see if it remains to work fine or not.

  • I've simulated a fall like yours but nothing happened

  • This also affected me today. Would be great for a fix from ASUS.

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