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    Same problem. Started encountering it in may 2020. Right air trigger does not respond to touch and misses sometimes making it impossible to fire continuosly.

  • I have the same issue that is flickers all the time. If i move my finger over the whole left trigger it is activated and works fine. But when I move my finger only a mm on the right it is deactivated

  • The air trigger used to work fine for me but recently from last few days am facing the same problem but in the left air trigger. I can clearly feel multiple haptic vibrations as if the censor senses multiple touches and the scope get in and out, in and out making it impossible to aim. Can't understand whether its a hardware issue or a software issue. Should I go for warranty and what's the process? I even have gameplays which I can forward if you need to understand what's wrong. Need a solution asap. Help !

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    same issue for me as well. i read all of the comments and i can say that the problem is pretty much the same. left air trigger works well but the right one flickers for the most users. i've been using this phone like 7 months. it's been a while since the latest update, so i do not think that it's related to the update issue. it suddenly started just a few days ago. i also formatted the phone but the problem is still active. i cleared the surface of the buttons, tried sensitivity booster etc... nothing works... it makes me extremely annoying because i've been using it for 7 months in FPS games. and because of that i used to it, it's a big problem for me... i hope it'll be solved otherwise my next phone will not be an Asus. And please let me know if any of you guys find a solution.

    Edit: i just added the video of it. as you can see in the video, the left air trigger is completely fine when i move my fingers on the surface. but the right one flickers all the time. the result is the same if i hold my fingers on the right air trigger.

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    i have same problem with left trigger !

    bought from B&H 512/12 GB

    Middle section of left air trigger have this problem

  • This is a general issue after android 10 update. Why wont asus fix this?

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    Same issue here. The right air trigger flickers. Even with sensitivity booster , the same problem persists.

  • @Gustav_ASUS is it a software or hardware related problem? These air trigger flickering problems, i mean.

  • @imkara92 Some similar cases in the past have been hardware related, but I can't say if that's true for every case.

    I would like to collect device logs from you, as we're still investigating this issue. I'm sending you instructions via PM.

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    @Gustav_ASUS I've also been facing this issue long time. I've observed this issue if i use right trigger extensively (TDM in PUBG). If possible can u send me instructions to collect device logs. Thanks

  • Hi, just like everyone in the thread, I'm having problems with my AirTriggers as well (flickering when pressed). A few months back, it was my right trigger, then after an update, right trigger was fixed but then my left trigger started having problems. I've read that if you can press it from the back of the device, it's a hardware problem. Before the latest update, i can press the left trigger from the back of my phone. Fast forward to today, i updated with the latest version, and both my triggers are not working properly now (both flickering), but this time, i cant press it in the back anymore.

  • Hi I have the Rog 2 elite version and my right air trigger is suddenly not working correctly, it either flickers or just stays stuck on? Any advice?

  • @Gustav_ASUS I'm experiencing the same problem on my right air triggers, noticed it right now. When i pressed the right trigger , it has a spot that it only flickers . The left air triggers works just fine , any spot is working fine. But the right triggers brothers me. And the flickering problem might spread at any moment.

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    I have this problem, the right Air Trigger flickers when pressed, and some times it remains activated after pressing and then released.


  • Hi @Gustav_ASUS I have the same problem too. Only the right Air Trigger flickers when pressed, and some times it remains activated after pressing and then released. I tried to change the sensitivity but the problem remains. Furthermore, by setting the sensitivity to the minimum the problem remains and in addition the touch is perceived even over 1 centimeter from the carved area of ​​the Air Trigger.

    The problem is software or hardware and therefore I have to send it to assistance?

    Rog Phone 2 Elite (Europe)

    Android 10

    Numero build



  • @Gas82 We're adressing air trigger performance in an upcoming FOTA. It's coming now in September, so it would be great if you could wait for that and let me know if it solves your issue.

  • So.... have you guys included any new features in the upcoming FOTA?

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    Apparently, after the update everything is OK with air triggers. 

    But after exiting Armoury Crate, one CPU core stays in 2,96 GHz even when X mode is turned off. This warm the phone until restart. 

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