ROG Phone 2 (12/512) Freezes and Auto Restart Problem



  • Kindly send me the same... I'm have the same issue

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    Okey, I did re flash my phone from android 9, and updated it by EACH available update... Until the latest update last week... Though manually updating the phone is tidious because it shuts down a lot of times before successfully updating to each patch... And here are the fixed issues:

    1) i can now charge my phone properly (though I have to turn it off first to continuously charge it

    2) i can now use the phone for longer times for Facebook, Net Browsing, Netflix and Youtube

    3) it reboots normally now, before you need to turn it back on a lot of times before you can successfully boot to home screen

    What was NOT fixed though is the same fkn problem when gaming, it dies everytime i play games! And cant even pass level 2 of antutu test.

    Ironically, the GAMING BEAST of phones can only be used for Leisure, not games!

    And come to think of it because lots are experiencing the same problem, If this is really a hardware issue, doesnt it concern Asus to do a recall for all the Units, which may taint Asus' reputation for QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES? just a thought though...

    Right now, Im downloading the firmware for downgrading to android 9 and to check (hopefully ) if it resolves anything... Since this problem started when i upgraded to android 10.

  • In my case,this problem reduce a bit..but it still gets a random reboot while gaming..

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    I havent downgraded yet cause the lastest update reduced the issue a bit yeah. I can now play Mobile Legends as long as i want without shutting down as long as it is set to the lowest settings with x mode on still at the lowest setting and only at 60hz. Anything higher on those setting will shutdown. That's an improvement in the latest Update.

    Still, even at xmode's lowest settings, Asphalt and Grid Autosport shuts down...

    And ASUS havent found that A10 Bug yet?

    Asked my seller and they said, it will take 3 months to and from china to get this fixed...

    I really wanted to be sure that this isnt a software issue, because come'on ASUS, that's 3 months and who knows what, because of Covid, it could take a lot longer!

    Continuously charge on 12W fast charger. Wont work if anything higher than that.

  • Same issue with me afterast update my rog restarted 3 times

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    You could be facing a hardware issue. In my case all issues with A10 are now gone (after multiple cleanings and one factory reset and 2 latest updates). My charging issue has been resolved with a new cable (not original). I can play and charge fast without any issue. My phone passes antutu with flying colours. And Asphalt 9 never crashes while playing. It can crash while opening ads or when they have server issues. But then also my teammates have issues on other phones. I don't play other games.

  • Add me to the list too. Totally disappointed. It restarts and freezes even while just texting. Annoying af!

  • I am getting the same issue from past days. The phone gets restart automatically whole using any random app. Also it does not connect as a fast charger when plugged in. Always have to remove and plug in again for the fast charger to start. When connected to the original charger the phone starts to auto touch. Please tell new if this is hardware or software issue. This is kind of irritating for this high end device to have such issue's.

  • Do send me the tool. Look up for a solution please. @Anders_ASUS

  • I am facing this issue as well. While charging, the phone switches off without any reason. This started happening after the latest FOTA update. Can someone send me the solution?

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  • OPCOPC Level 4

    I was doing it several times a day for quite some time. Maybe it's just my illusion but doing it twice in a row seamed to give better results.

  • Are you guys going to give any solution or just ignore it. I've been asking for a soltn. This issue is irritating. I have to unplug the charger again n again because it gets disconnected randomly. The apps crash and phone restarts randomly for no reason. And there is sufficient memory in the RAM to run the app. Thus issue is started from the recent FOTA update. Do resolve it soon. A gaming phone in which the games are not playing doesn't sound good.

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    • Do some deep cleaning of the hardware like USB ports, air vents, earphone/headphone jack
    • Do a factory reset
    • You can try going to Android 9 and see if that helps. In the past people were saying Android 9 performs better.
  • PSA for people in this thread: Many cases so far point towards hardware related issues. If you're experiencing freeze/restart issues frequently, please get in touch with you local service center.

  • I am using rog phone 2 tencent (8/128). I am also facing the same problem. Not only while playin, it’s restarting frequently while using other day to day app. When the screen come after a restart, it starts restart again. Updated software, did wipe reset but didn’t get solution. Don't know what is happening with my phone.

  • @Anders_ASUS I am also facing the same issue.

    phone is restarting only if I play games (pubg).

    i did factory reset thrice. Nothing solved the issue.

    kindly send me the tool?

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