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screen color mode

Rising Star II
Every time after reboot screen tone is changing to bit warmer despite color mode is set to natural. Even after clicking reset button in color mode it does not change..only solution is selecting customized mode which changes screen tone to white and then select natural again.. also other color mode like standard,optimal has no effect post reboot

Hall of Fame III
This is the first time I hear about this. You could try and go into settings -> Apps & Notifications -> see all xxx apps -> three dot menu in top right corner -> show system -> scroll down to splendid -> storage & cache -> clear storage.
If that doesn't help, then go to settings -> system -> reset options -> reset app preferences (this is lika a soft factory reset. All apps and data will remain but most app settings will be reset).
If this doesn't help, then a full factory reset will be the next step. Or that you find a custom setting that you like. Could be a hardware issue but lets try with the software first

Rising Star II
This seems fixed after Nov update