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ROG Phone 2 (12/512) Freezes and Auto Restart Problem

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Help... ..,my phone suddenly freezes from time to time especially while playing. (less than 2 hours of playing)
Back, home and recent buttons doesn't work and then auto restarts after 1 min of hung time.
Settings are mostly default (60 hz refresh rate, X-mode off, system lighting off) but still builds up heat fast even after only 1 game of asphalt.
Thinking of going to Factory Reset the phone or try to actually ask the ROG concept store to replace the unit of the problem still exist.
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Of course you shouldn't downgrade, totally understand that. But not everyone is having this issue, so i think the problem is to know what is causing it first before it can be fixed. (i.e. i don't get this issue, but that's not helping you)

Therefore as per @Gustav_ASUS post, it was indicated to take your phone to service centre. It's on page 5 of this post.

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Cant you send me the log tool to find out the issue. Maximum people are getting this issue.

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Cant you send me the log tool to find out the issue. Maximum people are getting this issue.

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I don't have a log tool as I am just a normal user like everyone else here. The reason why people are being asked to visit a service centre so it can be checked out on the device itself.

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I have the same problem help me please 😭

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Update for newcomers to this thread:
As explained before, many cases so far point towards hardware related issues. We advise you to visit a service center if you're frequently experiencing freeze/restart issues with your device.
We're aware that some countries still have lock-down rules in place due to the ongoing pandemic. If this applies to you, please contact your local service center as a first step.
Edit: I'm locking this thread so my reply does not get buried.