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Can you implement the battery care feature like the oneplus team had did by copying Asus battery care feature.

This is the feature we need to get in our Asus mobiles but wanted to adjust the time and level of battery percentage to charge.

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  • CH_ASUSCH_ASUS admin
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    As has been answered here;

    We've had Scheduled Charging (What OnePlus is calling optimized charging) from the start.

    What it does is keep the battery at a level around 80% for the major duration between your set times. And it will start charging again closer to the "end time" and ensure it is fully charged BEFORE (not exactly At) the end-time.


  • No bro I checked this it doesn't works as you mentioned

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    On my phone it will charge fast to some 80% (before I go to sleep). When I wake up at 6.30 the charge is still at that level of 80-85%. Typically I take it it off charger at 95-98% and I don't wait till 08:00. I have set scheduled time to 08:00 intentionally so it doesn't fully charge. The reason being there is the opinion which says by not charging fully battery would longer preserve it's capacity.

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