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Request of a new Feature or possibly suggest a solution to an issue.

Star II

hello everyone, instead of making new threads and flooding the place, i decided to create this post where we all may share our opinion on how to improve the ROG phone 6.

Note: its best to use the following format to simplify it

First: suggestion title "Mandatory" 

second: how would this help? "Mandatory" 

third: a brief explaination "Mandatory" 

4th: detailed explaination 

5th: reason as to why you came up with it. 

6th: how would this help the community? "Mandatory" 

feel free to go over the board but the "Mandatory"  part is a must to be included.  the main idea is to keep the form clean from  random form of texting



Star II

i may as well be the first to post.

title: power button shortcut action

Why is it important? during an emergency when something sudden happens

brief explaination: an option to have the power button if clicked twice to open the camera into video mode, and immediately start recording all automatically.

reason: i missed the chance to document a very important incident where if i were able to caught that part in a video tape it would have won me a law suit. but due to me been too slow i missed to get any evidence.

how would this help the community?

it will most likely help users to catch moments and reliably start recording without having to open the screen lock and waste precious time which may very well be enough to lose the chance of getting that moment on tape.



it would be best to have a set of 5GB to 10GB of storage for loop recording when screen is locked.

meaning should the storage unit is full instead of been suprised, you have a set of 5-10GB " preferably wider range of choice"

 to overwrite the oldest tape of that said 5-10GB therefore you will always 100% not be disappointed when you need your phone to work the most.


also it would be nice to have the option for recording camera tapes into an external nano-size storage unit as a bonus.

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Community Manager
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