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Rog Phone 6 caller ID And Connected Social media.

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Asus ROG Phone 6

Updated to 33.0610.2810.104

suggestion, would it be possible that if we copy a phone number to the clipboard that we have a something like Whatsapp icon that can redirect Me to the copied phone number whatsapp chat>?

as ive found it a little bit annoying, when i get called from delivery agent from amazon, he ask for location, to do so i need to add him to my contact go to whatsapp search from him, open the chat all so that i can send him my location.

now imagine if your running  a business where you keep doing this same exact scenario over and over?

your contact will flood with numbers you dont even know 90% of em.

just for one time contact.

instead i just go to my call history hold his number copy it whatsapp icon appears, press that, and im ready to send my location.

 simple convenient and much more pleasant experience. 

i like the caller app that came from asus but true caller id is a little bit more reliable, i dont like that.

 i want to use the original caller id that came with my phone without relying on some third party software.

therefore ill start making posts about how to improve it so that it becomes even better than True Caller ID.

no not just that, it would be even one of the reasons i could have iphone users switch to asus, since they are basically around the same pricing.


soo what do you guys think? should i start complaining and suggesting features so that Asus team start working on one of the most crucial function of a phone? which is what phones are made for? communication?


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Community Manager
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