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Asus rog2 touch issue while playing pubg

The main issue is with the touch. When ever I am trying to look around in the game, the touch Response is choppy.And it's very clear when I open the ADS (open scope to aim), I am unable to control recoil. Sometimes the gun keeps going up and I have t...

My Asus ROG 2 has not network

Hi guys I bought the phone yesterday and installed the sim card in it and there is no network at all I reset the phone several times with no luck still no network can someone help please Thanks

boneef by Star I
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ROG Phone 2 Quick Temperature Rising

just got my new phone yesterday, and using it for a while i noticed the temperature could rise quickly, even when i'm just browsing on the internet or watching youtube. Currently and most at the times when i use it, it could reach about 104 F. I'm us...


The memory cleaner is not actually cleaning apps . It Shows the cleared apps again and again . Is the memory cleaner really clearing apps??

Orange Filter on the home screen?

It does seems like there are some sort of filter on the home screen and when I pull down the notification. Is there any way to get rid of them?

Master by Star III
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ROG Kunai Delay On PUBG Mobile

Hi.. i having problem with my kunai gamepad. im currently using leftside gamepad only to play pubgm. i noticed the analog input a bit delay. it spoil my expectation of this gamepad. before this phone im using xiaomi black shark 2. Their left joystick...

Unable to block internet for apps

Hi all, I have disabled internet for an app but internet is still accessible and the app is showing ads. Attached video for clarity. Disabled internet didn't helpClearing app cache didn't helpRestarting phone didn't helpI don't want to use any thir...