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I just found a bug which is really annoying and is really important to fix. I was playing the game PUBG Mobile and i had my ingame microphone on. My teammates started complaining about hearing my breathing from my microphone which was very loud even when my phone was far from me. I restarted the game thinking it was a game bug but it was still not fixed. Then i opened sound recorder and started recording my voice and observed my breathing noise was extremely loud. I restarted my phone and tried recording my voice again and my breathing noise was gone even when i try to get my breathing into the microphone, it was barely noticeable. I don't know what is causing this problem but it occurs every day or two. Please fix this bug. I will leave some audio sample for you to observe the problem.
Please look into this issue and what is causing it. It is really annoying.

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I will need a log from you next time this happens together with new recordings and the exact time of when you start the recording. I will PM you the instructions needed to do this.