Two issues after update to Android 10

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I downloaded full ROM(android 10, .110 version) and flashed which update my system from Android 9 to 10. I noticed two issues:

  1. SIM1 icon is showing nothing except a small "1", it was ok(full bar) before upgrade. How to fix?
  2. I had notification FOTAService to remind me to update android 10 version .73 when I am on Android P. Now I have updated to android 10 version .110, this notification is still there. How to get rid of this notification since I am on newer version?

EDIT: item #2 is fixed by tapping UPDATE NOW button, it starts downloading and immediately give error, and then it says "the system is up to date", no more notification.

see snapshot


  • try switching to light theme... i guess there is no network... reset network setting....

  • Switching to light theme/reset network settings doesn't help. Cellular coverage in my home is excellent, I have no issue to make calls, surf internet, download files, just no indication.

  • Try factory reset the phone mine was having volte issue factory reset helped. Try factory reset it may solve all your problems

  • Eventually I saw where the problem is regarding of cellular signal strength indication on status bar. When I am in a place I noticed the SIM 1 signal strength keeps changing between full bar and no bar, I use an app the measure the signal. Everytime the signal strength drops below 54(around this number), it indicates full bar, and then disappears above 54. It looks like the phone cannot properly shows the signal strength if the signal is too strong. Asus please fix the bug. It was fine on Pie. See screenshots.

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