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About accessories

I have got asus earphone with zenphone 6 in India through flipkart now after 5 months its stop working automatically...so please can you tell what is the warranty period of earphone will it get replaced???

Manan by Star II
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Estou demorando várias horas para carregar

Meu zen6 demora várias horas pada carregar, isso aconteceu após a atualizar pro Android 10.Antes ele carregava normalmente, hoje deixo carregando a noite toda e demora várias horas e às vezes tenho que desligar ele para carregar por completo.estou su...

Resolved! Use phone's microphone when headphones connected on Android 10

 have an Asus Zenfone 6 with Android 10. I connect my phone to my old car's 3.5mm stereo jack. I get the headphone symbol without the microphone on the top taskbar. I noticed that when I get a call I can hear it on my car's speakers but they can't he...

Papote by Star I
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Mic super low in calls.

Just got my zenfone 6 a few days ago and am super happy with it so far. The only problem I have is that the mic suddenly became super low after an update. It is impossible to make calls without speaker mode (works good then?) and when I use the voice...

Resolved! Can't take screenshots

Every screenshot is basically a app view with a setting button and app drawer button on the bottom.

"Beeline" carrier VoLTE/WoWifi profiles in the next updates?

Hello!I have found that one of the Russian carriers - Beeline - has enabled VoLTE technology (in the Moscow and St. Petersburg regions) and is gong to implement VoWifi calls soon.Thus I'd like to ask the developers to include the VoLTE/VoWifi profile...

CbIP by Star III
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Resolved! SD Card

How do i transfer apps from internal memory to sd card?

Cannot set home clock

I am frequent Traveller, all my previous phones can set home clock and it will automatically indicate home timezone clock when timezone changed. I don't see any setting in clock app. I believe this is the stock Android feature but Asus erased. Please...

newnews by Rising Star II
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