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After todays update no gpay

Certification to the device has been lost, after last update.It affects GPay. However NFC payment with 3rd party apps (private banking) works.

wegorz by Star I
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New update, thanks for removing almost every possible bug

@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUSThanks to the asus team, for removing bugs such as the zen home launcher phone icon, speaker annoyed noise on call disconnection, etc bugs and especially for allowing power button ui.....Its a very good effort to remove all know...

Gauravpj by Star III
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Resolved! Zenfone 6 Camera not fliping

Hey! Ive had 0 issues with my phone since i got it, have dropped it a couple times, but the screen protector has taken all the damage until today. About 20 min ago i dropped it again about 20cm above the floor, it landed on its edge and did a crack o...

le_zid by Star II
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New update wrecked the camera

The new update wrecked the camera performance. In the 48mp photo mode, it performs like it is set in a high shutter speed.

Watch this video

Can our cam have a change in software to work like how it does in this vid 3:54

Rustylord by Rising Star II
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crazy week

soooo let me get this right..... donald trump gets impeached an a camera update goes to zf 6 in the same week as christmas? holy crap!! impeachments worthy updates an a holiday all at once.... this is insane!!

mastershu by Rising Star I
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Issue with camera settings

 Why the photos of my asus 6z are blurred when explores, please someone suggest me settings for proper working this device camera.