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  • Please fix call screen annoying bug.....

  • Is there any fixes for this?

    Ideally, I want my power button to be the be all-end-all of turning on and off the screen during a call.

    I must be holding the phone wrong because the screen turns on all the time during a call, and sometimes I turn on Airplane Mode accidentally which ends the call - all with my ear! Very frustrating.

  • Hey Zenfone6_Boy Buddy, We are telling this problem past 3 months, but no use. The Asus team is trying to convince everyone and they doesn't feel this is not a problem at all. But at daily use, we are the one facing problem, since it is only app everyone using frequently. The main problem is because of poor Proximity sensor installed in the Phone and that too not in a correct placement.

    So we are suggesting to make use of power button for screen Off/On while in call screen manually instead automatically. But our suggestions goes to trash. What to do, It's all fate. We have to wait for 2 - 3 months for the complete review before buying any new mobile. No eagerness anymore. It's all beacuase of our stupidity.

  • @CH_ASUS

    This specific case has been raised internally, so that if you turn proximity off in the Call Screen settings, it should generally remain off.

    But it's like scratching by your leg behind your ear and what more this will not help users who do not use Asus Dialer and use another Dialer.

    As for all other cases, proximity inconsistencies, we'll feedback and hopefully devs can improve that.

    As I said I very much doubt that the problems with the proximity sensor will be solved (with all its limiting factors like location, sensitivity, ...), so ensuring a standard Power button behavior during call would be a quick and easy solution.

    So far, no one except Asus representatives has advocated a solution chosen by Asus, there is no single user to suit the current behavior of power button. It sounds to me as if your ZF6 developers don't even use it for making calls, otherwise I can't explain it at all.

  • That's.......annoying.

    Turning proximity off in the Phone settings seems to do nothing?

    I've also muted myself this way which similarly sucks.

  • Could you specify which bug? Proximity not sensing correctly at times?

    Or are you referring to the power-key behavior during a call (in conjunction with the proximity sensor). This is a separate topic in itself - although discussed simultaneously here

    We get that is what you want. And we also get that it is partially because the proximity sensor is not always accurate on Zenfone 6. But which of these are more important to address if you had to choose?


    Perhaps the better decision would have been to not include a Proximity sensor at all, if there was no room to place it towards the middle (flip camera and all)?

    To change the Proximity bug/behavior that if you turn it off in the Asus dialer - it will only "prevent screen off" but will not prevent "screen on". As @_jis_ mentions, this behavior is deeper in the system (to turn things on).

    A subsequent change of this, I am assuming, would also change the 3rd party dialers, as the change likely would happen on the bsp level if it can be corrected.

    This is still not related to power-key behavior. So here in the thread there are two main items;

    1. Proximity sensor often wont work during a call (or rather, it will think the phone is away from the head) and unintentionally turn on the screen while the phone is still against the ear.
    2. Regardless of 1 ; Power Key should be the override of everything. "Every phone manufacturer" has it this way - except Huawei, Oneplus, Vivo, Oppo. (And maybe some other).

    If #1 can be strengthened, for some users, I think item 2 is redundant.

    For others, item 2 is still preferred , regardless of item 1.

  • @CH_ASUS

    Big Thanks for the perfect summary, as usual :)

    For others, item 2 is still preferred , regardless of item 1.

    Yes, I join a second group that would welcome the standard behavior of the Power button during a call.

    But if the developers tune the Proximity sensor better too, it will of course also be welcome.

  • If option 1 is there, I would like to use it.

    The ear touching screen and bringing notification down is very bad scenario.

    This had put my phone on airplane mode twice while on call.

  • In android 9 perfect was: power botton and's call and at same time if phone was locked screen goes off

    during a call if phone is away from the head screen turns on, if not screen don't turn on simple :)

  • Android 9 and Android 10 had no difference in the way power key or proximity sensor worked for the ZenFone 6.

  • I’m adding a link to an already closed topic that also addressed this issue:

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    @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS , Why this issue still opened? I got a update recently but the issue still not yet resolved. Please try to fix this bug first before doing any tweeks or fixes.

    Suggestion: If I press the power button while on call the display should goes off until I press the power button again.

    This is just the simple scenario, Im wondering how long it will take to implement it. I'm too much frustration because of you guys and its irritated every day, since dialer is the only app everyone will use it in their daily lyf, that too had a silly annoying bug. Brilliant Asus Team. This is not a flagship mobile, still underrated only. Thank you for everything.

  • I have reported this way back in July 2019., making a call without an earphone is the most frustrating thing about this phone. Developers don't want to implement this simple thing probably because they don't use this phone as a daily driver and hence they don't understand the inconvenience. Developers are interested in adding stupid 'Power button menu style' which no one ever asked for, but they can't add this simple feature which so many people have been asking for.

  • @sixth_pr1m3, I think the team is busy with the development of next version of Asus Zenfone.

    @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS, If the issue is not fixed in the next update, I can guarantee no one from my circle will not purchase any product from your company. I'm damn sure about that. Now I felt I made a wrong decision in my lyf, I should buy Oneplus instead of yours. Such a big mistake in my life. But I will never repeat the same. Thanks for the experience @asus team.

  • Hi. It's one year after this bug was reported and users still have troubles using call app. I tested my proximity sensor and it's working fine, but screen still turns on and off during call in any app. Its easy to hang call or turning on airplane mode when screen is active and phone is near the face. Please do something. How long we have to wait?

  • lol.. yeah most of us here were going towards oneplus but seeing the zf6 we changed our decision and now there is only regret.. i have stopped posting about the issues now. There are no updates to requested features, issues are resolved sometimes and reappear in next update... its a Capable device hardware wise but software part needs more work.

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