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Star II
Fingerprint is slowly detecting.
When screen off if i try to unlock phone it is not working. And also double tap wake up not working.
Please add fingerprint capture for camera.
And camera quality is very bad. Please enable camera2api. All pie phones have thst feature but we asus users dont have anything.
Sometimes app floating options are not working. So many bugs.....

Hall of Fame III
How slow is slow? I would say it takes 0,5 seconds from touch to unlock and it works with the screen turned off. I can't say why it's not working with your phone. Double tap should also work if you have activated that feature.
I wouldn't say the camera quality is bad. You can't compare it with a twice as expensive phone. You can download GCam but it's only in some scenarios that it will do a better job. Our camera team is constantly improving the camera and our goal is to beat all similarly priced phones.