ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • Thx Mate, gonna ckeck it out in a minute :)

    BTW, my polish Asus service center decided to replace my ZF8 due to lack of spare parts on the market. I have to say that despite my previous worries, they did act quite fast - first I got an email asking for a decision if I agree to replace the phone, and lateron I got the replaced device (sent from Czech regional service center) in less than 2 weeks, since I sent them the broken one.

  • I was a happy owner of Samsung, Huawei and Apple phones in the past decade and half, and never had such an issue. My Samsung Galaxy II still works today. Maybe I was unlucky, as all the others on this thread. Do not get me wrong, ASUS dealt with the issue professionally, I sent them the broken device, they looked at it, saw it was irreparable and offered refund. Still loosing the phone, having to get a temporary replacement phone, setting it up made me to choose the refund instead of getting a new Zenfone 8.

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    >>BTW, my polish Asus service center decided to replace my ZF8

    Could you please share MFD date with us? Thanks.

  • I bought it from Aliexpress and Asus is rejecting me the RMA even though I have an invoice. Accordint to what I found on the internet the repair could cost 500€, more than what the phone itself costed to me

  • I'm not very sure, but I think that the first was from April 2020, and the replaced one is from May 2020

  • Attention please - we have the first case of ramdump on one device (user @vsyakvypadok )

    We all have a bomb in our pockets.

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    Sounds like an issue with the repair itself and not another faulty Mainboard.

    So, no big deal.

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    @Blumi what? ramdump on the new motherboard so what could the serviece screw up? (They don't repair, they replace) xD

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    They replaced the motherboard, hence they repaired the phone. Since the new mb broke again - once in over 40 ramdump cases within this forum - and that shortly after being replaced, I suppose there was another issue. This is normal serial spread.

    And I mean a Mainboard is a critical part. It could break out of various reasons - you could tighten a screw to much or break a pin to kill it.

    I suppose it is not a bomb in our pockets.

  • I have the same issue and also tried restarting the phone via bootloader, which didn't work for me. I got easily into bootloader, but restarting or poweroff followed by normal start always brought me back into "Waiting for flash..." error. I tried it many times and it just didn't work.

    But, I found one method which worked for me from pure despair:

    1) wait 30 minutes in "waiting screen" - Maybe it's not necessary, but I did it for the first time by coincidence and this method worked. When I didn't wait for some time, the method didn't work...

    2) get to bootloader screen (i.e. hold all three buttons and release power and then volume keys only after bootloader menu appears for few seconds) and power off the phone via bootloader menu.

    3) wait 5 minutes

    4) hold power button for 1-2 seconds to startup as normally until first logo appears, and right after that release power button and start pushing and releasing (i.e. not holding continuously) both volume buttons at once as quickly as possible. Keep "clicking" both volume buttons and the phone should display Qualcomm icon and boot normally.

    5) If it doesn't boot normally and ends in Waiting error, restart it via holding power button for a long time and releasing until the first icon appears. Then again as in step #4 release power and keep pushing both volume buttons.

    I know the method sounds crazy and probably won't work for many people, but this worked for me three times and allowed me at least to migrate via wifi all data, so maybe it will save also somebody else...

    Good luck

  • Yet another case in Sweden, my wife's phone just went black and stone dead. Mfd 2021-04 bought on release date...

    I myself also has the same phone bought in September but has the same mfd worried it will happen to mine as well ofc...

    Will contact the reseller and see what they say, unfortunately there is a little crack on her screen from months ago, and only the glas no other issues with it but I guess they can reject it due to that. We'll see

  • I bought the phone from Europe 5 months ago. Mfd april so I guess the next month I will have the same problem, as everyone has it at 6 months and mfd april

  • New update security

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    When do they update with Android 12.?

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    I guess it looks like the ramdump issue has slowed down or stopped massively.

    I haven't seen recently any new submissions here.

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    Ramdump, Manufactured 2021.07. Asus refuses to fix under warranty because I purchased a "non official" product in Hong Kong.

    A few weeks I was able to recover by holding down power + volume down, but now it refuses to turn on.

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    Ramdump, MFD 2021.04, bought in July. it had happened earlier this month but I managed to recover, didn't think much about it. Now it's bricked. I'm one of the lucky ones I guess since warranty is gonna pick it up for repair but I'd really rather go with another brand than wait for it to happen again. Asus has already said that only after two replaced parts can they offer a refund... I can't stand keeping that phone given the incredible disdain they have for their clients on this issue. You'd think they'd warn their customers and maybe even propose free cloud space. And I feel bad trying to sell it to someone else but I guess that's my only option now...

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