Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15.6 - freeze NEED diagloses (+ Additional asking for Opinions )

  1. System : Window 11 Home
  2. Battery or AC : When it connected to AC. ( Dosen't have much time with Using battery )
  3. Model : UX582ZM-H2043W 
  4. Frequency of occurrence : 1~3 Times Per Week
  5. Reset OS : Done (Once), And I Just bought it.
  6. Screenshot or video :


Detailed description:It sometimes completely freeze so that forcing me to long push power button (Even ctrl+shift+Esc dosen't work). And it occurs not even when I play game, but also when I browse File Explorer.

So What I am wondering --> Is [RTX 3060 for laptop] not enough for running 4K Display in stable way?


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