Shit Screen Protection unfotunately

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  1. System:
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model: NB ASUS 14.0" Vivobook Pro 14 OLED K34
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. Reset OS:
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Detailed description:Basically this is what happened on Tue, November 1 2022, and there is a witness to what happend. I was preparing for a virtual meeting, I get up, take my work laptop and place a 40 sheets notepad between the keyboard and screen so I dont lose the notepad, it was with simple cover not even thick enough, close the laptop and unfortunately it slips out of my hands, and then I notice that the screen is broken even though the laptop was shut. It's under warranty. But the delivery service in Republic of Moldova demand that I pay for this damage that this is because its my fault and cannot be covered by warranty. I mean every year the fact that ASUS makes wonderful products surely they need to know that I also have another ASUS VIVO BOOK which has been also dropped many times, but the screen is intact. Meaning that OLED technlogy is much more dear for the customer to use and has a doubtful screen protection. This is not specified in the technical specifications on the product my company Swiss company HELVETAS has purchased for its employees. The purchase should have been fit for need. Im sure the purchaser at Helvetas has requested that the corporate purchase be delivered to the needs and usage of its employees. If money was taken from HELVETAS unfortunately we were given too dear products, please bare in mind We are here in Republic of Moldova trying to help refugees from UKRAINE due to war with Russia and need quality products we can't be dealing with OLED technology that needs extra protection which you want us to purchase from ASUS. If this technology that fails when you need it most then its not good ussage of our efforts and time😒. Please help! I already paid 250 MDL for a diagnostics of the laptop to a local company who claims is an official dealer of ASUS in Republic of Moldova. ULTRA SERVICE Customer ID 120475 PIN CODE 6282. Many thanks for your kind consideration, a mother from Republic of Moldova. Sorry I am having a cringy winge about it, but CAMON ASUS! you are in search of incredible not shitable, you can't follow the pack if you really want incredible products built.



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