Zenbook 14 UM425Q, MFD 2022-03: USB-C charging

ASUS gives no information on this model with respect to charging via USB-C. The only hint is to use the original charger to avoid damage.

My 1st question is: Can I use a powerbank to charge the notebook? Standard powerbanks have 5V outputs but differ wildly in terms of power (wattage for the non-electrician). But if we ignore the low power, can any of the two devices (powerbank and notebook) be damaged by connecting them via USB-C?

2nd question: If a powerbank does no harm to the computer or itself by such a connect, what if I use a standard phone charger? Can these be damaged or do harm to the computer?

The background of my questions is as follows: When we are on vacation with our RV we have to be careful using our vehicle's battery. And the 12V output often offers only low currents, that means that we can draw only currents up to 3 or 4A (amps, amperes). When I then plug in an inverter as a 230V power source and plug in the ASUS charger into this inverter, the voltage of the car system may get so low that the inverter stops to work.

So, to me it is extremely important to know exactly which power sources I can use to charge the notebook. The slightest amount of charge I can get into the notebook will help! So the question is not if it is generally advisable to use a powerbank as charging device for this type of notebook, the question is only: Does it work to some extent and does it any harm?

Thanks for reading and considering my question and trying to help, thx!


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