ASUS Zenbook S UX393 (11th Gen) MicroSD card slot not working

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Detailed description:

When a bought the laptop a couple of months ago, the Micro SD card slot used to work fine.

I’ve done a couple normal windows updates and now the slot doesn’t recognize any card.

From what I see from the screenshots, there are no any physical issues with the card reader. Looks like more a conflict of drives.

The Laptop is fully updated (BIOS, Windows, drivers, etc…)

I’ve sent a request to Asus Support and they gently came back with full instruction with steps. I followed everything and still doesn’t work.

In case if I:

1.    Use the “USB device” the card reader identifies that something is in the slot, but I can can’t open the card and I doesn’t show the content and volume of the card.

2.    Update the Alcor Card reader driver – it doesn’t even recognize that there is a card available.

I just Went around in circles. Please help.



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