Proximity sensor issue

  1. Model Name: Asus Zenfone 9 8/128GB
  2. Firmware Version: 30.2040.2040.23
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: All the time, during a call or in pocket safe mode
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): N/A

I noticed that proximity sensor is not working correctly. Is it only my case and I should complain my product?

It is working for maybe 5mm. All my previous phone turned on the screen when distance between phone and my face/ear is longer than couple of centimeters, let's say 5cm. Asus Zenfone 9 makes it longer than 5mm I have the feeling. It is extremely close. I need to really stick phone to my face to avoid turning on the screen.

Most probably issue is the same with pocket safe function. If it is turned on I assume proximity sensor should recognize it is in the pocket and doesn't turn on the screen. However again, screen is turning on and most probably reason is the same. It allows screen to turn on if distance is still very close, couple of milimeters which in jacket i.e. is highly probable.

Please let me know if this is a matter of proximity sensor settings (and I hope it will be fixed) or it is my piece issue and I need to complain.


  • A simple search using the search function would of pointed you to various threads for proximity sensor issues no real need to start a new one.

  • GuciuGuciu Level 1

    I was able to find, but only about Zenfone 8 (newest). I have not seen the same topic for Zenfone 9.

    Additionally, I have identified next related issue. Instead of pocket mode enabled and sticking proximity sensor, it is still possible to unblock phone in the pocket by fingerprint sensor.

    In my opinion it should be blocked. You can always press fingerprint sensor by mistake in the pocket and phone is not recognizing correctly it is in the pocket.

  • martinparker28martinparker28 Level 2
    edited October 20

    There is also a thread about this very same issue..... 😏

  • GuciuGuciu Level 1

    OK see that topic. But advice there is to switch fingerprint sensor to the mode when you need physically press button to unlock. That is not convinent.

    What is then function of "pocket mode", so function which prevent screen to be ON in the pocket?

    This function doesn't work correctly. Whenever pocket display ON prevention feature is ON, phone should check if it is IN THE POCKET before turning on the screen. It is not.

    I am refering to function in SETTINGS/ADVANCED SETTINGS/ pocket mode (or whatever english name of this function is).

  • The problem has been known exactly for months and they haven't been fixed. Asus are amateurs and their phones are garbage

  • GuciuGuciu Level 1

    Moderator? If problem is known and not solved yet, can you forward it to technical team ?

  • The problem was reported to the technical department in June 2022 with phone logs and a detailed description of the problem. Since then, the tech department hasn't done anything about it despite many reminders from users and the moderator. Take a look at the ZF8 forum, there you will find everything on this bug. They released ZF9 for sale knowing it also had this bug.

  • GuciuGuciu Level 1

    @Titan_ASUS @CH_ASUS

    Can you please forward the topic to IT team again? Seems it is not solved... :(

  • I need to second this.

    This issue is making me nervous everytime I am on the phone, imagining all the crazy stuff the random touches of my face are doing on the system while I am having a talk.

    The thing is, the screen is off, while touches are happening...🤷‍♂️

  • Hey @Guciu, I have forwarded the issue to the R&D team.

  • I have the same problem - proximity sensor does not work even if I i covered it. It makes me angry during the phone calls when i touch buttons randomly.

    If this persist I will return the phone.

  • Proximity sensor needs fixing :(

  • The sensor works from a distance of about 3 cm and there are no objections to its operating range. The problem is that the system does not respond to its state. During calls, the screen is dimmed, but the touch layer is not blocked. Similarly, "pocked mode", which simply does not work, because the phone with the covered sensor is possible to wake up and unlock with a fingerprint.

    Apps like LED Blinker that use the sensor work fine. In my opinion, this is a software problem.

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