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I'm having a weird problem with my new Zenfone 9. It often unlocks in my pocket even I definitely locked it before I put it in my pocket. I'm aware it can happen very fast when I touch the fingerprint sensor while putting it into my pocket. That's why I grab it with my fingers on the back and front, and I definitely don't touch the fingerprint sensor. Anyone else having the same problem and is having an idea how to prevent it?




  • efkoefko Level 1

    maybe this can help you

  • buzzdbuzzd Level 1

    Hey efko,

    Already have seen that threat and maybe it's really me. Just never had that problem with any other phone. I also will deactivate it just for testing. If it doesn't help I'll come back. Thx for ur help, appreciate it

  • realperrealper Level 1

    I´m having this problem also. It´s very annoying, and in the first week with my phone, I´ve already dialed 2 people from my pocket. Not ideal!

    I´ve tried the Disable Pocket Touches feature, but it doesn´t seem to make much of a difference.

  • Hello there!

    Would you please write which firmware you are on? I would like to look into this a bit more.

  • realperrealper Level 1

    I'm on 32.2030.2030.26.

    Actually it might have gotten better after the latest FW update. I haven't noticed pocket calls the last few days. Will report back.

  • Ok, I was optimistic.

    The last few days, my ZenFone 9 has gotten crazy while in my pocket, and made all sorts of different settings, and calls to people.

    Very annoying!

    What can I do about this?

  • It seems that ZF8 bugs were transferred to ZF9...

  • Same problem here with last firmware

  • Same problem for me!  It´s very annoying. firmware ww 32.2030.2030.26 What does asus say about it? it is a big problem for everyday use.

  • Having the same issue too. I love the phone but this is unacceptable. Today it accidentally sent a picture with personal information to a group chat.

    This problem forces me to keep mobile data off when it's in my pocket so it doesn't mess things up.

    I'm on FW 32.2030.2030.26

    This doesn't explain why it randomly unlocks, but I feel like part of the problem has something to do with the pocket detection not being on when the phone is unlocked, so the pocket touches are not being inhibited. (Test this by holding your hand over the earpiece while the phone is locked)

    Additional I would like to suggest adding an option to enable swiping up from the lockscreen after using the fingerprint reader. This would help with the unwanted unlocking and also be convenient for when you just want to check your notifications. Since the fingerprint reader is so fast that if you touch the power button it basically directly drops you off on the homescreen.

    I hope these suggestions help the product team.

    But yeah, please fix asap. This can't be happening.

  • CrimisCrimis Level 2
    edited September 3

    You can set the fingerprint scanner to a mandatory press of the button before it unlocks.

    This prevents it from accidentally unlocking when you touch only touch it.

  • Absolutely unacceptable. Phone is great with the minus that the fingerprint reader is on the side, and the phone is small so I nearly always unlock it while putting it to pocket. Reader should be ON THE BACK like in Zenfone 3 PRO.

    Besides that, even if I try to put it specially cautious to the pocket, it still unlocks and does A LOT of troubles. Images, calls, settings fkup. Any fix for it?

  • Hey, this issue will be addressed in the next FW update.

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