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Multitask feature - Rounded Corners

Star I
Hey everyone!

So I received my Zenfone 9 yesterday and couldnt be happier about my first day with the phone itself. I just have a question regarding the look of the multitask feature (using 2 apps at once).
As I use this feature quite regularly, I like it to look and work seamlessly.
So I was quite disappointed seeing this look which takes away a lot of screen space with the rounded corners and cuts some apps usability. Especially on a smaller sized phone, this grey space takes away a lot. The picture sadly doesn't quite do justice to the almost invasive look it's got.
Is this look changeable in any way to a smoother clean cut between the two apps? Or will there be a choice like this implemented soon?

Thanks in advance 🙂

Rising Star I
+1 Yes, this was also mentioned in some reviews

Thanks for the feedback, we'll forward it to the R&D team.

Rising Star II
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