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I have a ZF9 for a few days and I can't get used to the fingerprint on the side. I often unlock it by mistake when I put it in my pocket.

You don't have a problem with that?

I didn't have a problem with other devices with a fingerprint on the side, I set to physically press it. It cannot be set on ZF9.

I'm unhappy about it :(


  • clavoclavo Level 1

    It can also be set to physically press it on the ZF 9. The setting is located within the Fingerprint settings.

    I have attached a screenshot (in German)

  • efkoefko Level 1

    well thank you!

  • Here are a few ways to fix fingerprint scanners not working on Android phones.

    1. Unregister and Re-Register Your Fingerprints.
    2. Make Sure Your Fingers Are Dry and Clean.
    3. Clean the Fingerprint Scanner Surface.
    4. Remove Screen Protector for In-Display Fingerprint Scanners.



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