How would I enable the SD card on my BR1100F?

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When I put my SD card in it doesn't show anywhere, but it says it's fine in the Device Manager..

I read it's a Bios thing? I went in but couldn't see anything?

Windows 11 Pro 64 bit



  • SkaetdudeSkaetdude Level 1
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    Maybe I should ask first what is the smallest Micro SD Card will it take? My 32G wasn't showing at all under my PC.


  • @Skaetdude

    Could you please tell me the full model name of the laptop you are using?

    Also, have you tried changing other SD cards to test?

  • SkaetdudeSkaetdude Level 1
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    Asus BR1100FKA Notebook, when I plugged in my other external USB Reader, it read the cards no problem. I tried 2 different 32G and they worked.

  • One of the 32G is working now in both Notebook and Action Camera, I reformated it on the Notebook with a external reader. It was weird how the 32G showed up no problem but the actual reader it didn't at first!

    i bought a 64G TF card class 10, That's what the camera instructions said, then hope it works in this notebook..


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