Good Afternoon Everyone.

Model Number: GZ301ZE-DS91-CA

I have had major issues with my laptop this past 2 days.

While playing games my laptop would shut off, its not that hot, and it shuts off. No warning nothing. Im not running any intensive and it shuts off.

When I say it "shuts off" I mean everything closes, fans stop, done. Nothing. Black Screen. I try to turn it on, the keyboard lights up, no fan...... Doesnt boot, just black screen. Do it multiple times. Try holding the power button for 40 seconds, nothing. Then once the keyboard kept lighting on and off for 10 minutes until I unplugged it where it stopped. It doesnt turn on for 20 mins. After I can finally turn it back on, I go on fortnite on performance mode, 5 mins later, shuts off. Black Screen. Im currently typing on it but It probably wont be on for much longer.

I cant almost use my laptop anymore without it shutting off. It is a major issue. I have never done anything stupid to it. Almost new. Got it in May-June. So almost new. Need it for school.

Any Suggestions/Ideas are REALLY appreciated. Thanks and have a good night to you all.


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