Regarding Asus ZenWiFi AX[XT8] - why are Your developers/sw engineers nincompoops?

Dear Asus,

I know we live in a hard age, where a few resources [devs in this case] are forced to work on ever growing portfolio of brand new products released by day sometimes and it's such a breakneck tempo that not many can keep up.

However, even at this breakneck pace one can apply common sense, right?

Meaning, I was literally losing my life force with ZenWiFi AX[XT8] Mesh system, and since I don't have free 1800e for Netgear RBKE963B-100EUS, I have to keep up with what I already have. I collected my MESH network members over years. I began with one AC kit, later I purchased another AX, than AX kit and last but not least last AX and given my AC away [which was a mistake, but I won't be talking about reasons why, etc.].

Today, I was suffering one of my daily/weekly rages with Your "excellent" MESH system and as always, instead of watching some movies or playing games, I was and still am wasting away my otherwise precious time away with Your system.

It's either perpetual degradation of connectivity [from 2.5g/1g down to 100 mbps] on my WAN port of my main XT8 unit, or neverending story of an arbitrary unit lapse within my system, where I have to restart the whole system - manually, in orther to get full speeds, etc.

It's unthinkable that You sell a nice shiny product, that barely works and You ask 200 - 300e per unit. That's that's 1000e for two AX sets and 400e for two AC units for my purchase record as of today.

Why don't You simply ask Eric Sauvageau to help You with Your years long chronically disfunctional firmware? I mean, it's open source, it shouldn't be that hard to implement features to Your main branch from his fork, right?

Now I'm running on AsusWRT Merlin v.  386.07_2-gnuton1 and...well, it simply works. I didn't even have to factory reset anything, it just works. I don't know whether it'll work tomorrow, but even that few hours I've spent with this alternative FW, I can state that it simply works. No 2.5g/1g to 100 mbps WAN nor LAN port speed degradation [I'm suffering these on hourly basis], no hard wired connectivity loss and switching to wireless network for MESH network, just doing what it should - it simply works.

You don't need to answer my question, it's meant to be more rhetorical, rather than practical. I really don't want nor need Your so called "support", I've already wasted months of my time writing with it. It's useless, completely and utterly useless. Just please think about Your half-functional or disfunctional product[s] You're selling and rethink Your attitude + strategy for both sw and hw development of Your new products.

Thank You.



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