Can a User upgrade / re-install firmware from source?

I searched "asus zenfone 8 firmware" and reached the site



The latest 3 firmware versions available for download from this site as zipped files are

Version WW-31.1010.0411.122 2022/09/07 3.03 GBytes

Version WW-31.1010.0411.113 2022/08/04 3.04 GBytes

Version WW-31.1010.0411.89 2022/06/21 3.04 GBytes

Question 1 - I have version 411.113 which magically downloaded and installed to my ZF8 about a month ago; I do not have 411.122. What is the mechanism for scheduling / managing / controlling upgrades to users' phones by a 3rd party (e.g. ASUS directly; or the user's provider; or however it all works)?

Question 2 - It appears from their description that these versions ONLY permit an upgrade to version v+1 from a working unbroken version v. Having downloaded the desired 3GB zip file and extracted its contents, what is then the step-by-step process for upgrading? Is this practice usual and permitted, or is it better to await the automated 3rd party upgrade as defined in Question 1?

Question 3 - Is there any scope to use the supplied packages to install a brand-new platform on to a ZF8 phone e.g.if it seems irrecoverably broken; or if a user just wants "a fresh start"? Would these packages be capable of achieving that, or are they ONLY upgrades to version v+1 for working phones on version v, as conjectured in Question 2?

Thank you!

PS BlackBerry provided user-managed FW installations from source for its OS10 phones and later Android phones exactly as described by Question 3, and it was a very useful service indeed!


  • 1 - OTA updates and delivered in waves. Different countries have different update schedules

    2 - Don't extract the zip file. Copy the whole zip file to your Zenfone's root folder with the original filename (don't rename it). E.g.

    3 - There are guides on how to CLEAN INSTALL with the zip files. Look in Zenfone 8 forum in XDA. But if you're phone is still running good, just do a FACTORY RESET.

  • Thank you. This is really helpful. From the forum I have gleaned this advice:

    1. Download the official firmware. (Note: Make sure the SKU is matching with your phone.)

    2. Place the downloaded file called (or similar) into the root directory.

    3. After a couple of seconds the phone will notify you for a new update.

    4. If you can see this notification reboot your device.

    5. When you are ready, proceed with the update. It will take about 10-30 minutes to complete.

    6. After the update it is recommended to factory reset your device.

    Two questions, if you can help further, please:

    Question 1 (important)

    Step 2 above refers to "the root directory". When I connect ZF8 to PC via cable I don't actually see a drive letter. I see a platform with a "base folder" rather than a "root directory" and this folder contains subfolders named Alarms, Asus, Audiobooks, DCIM, .., .., Ringtones, TwinApps. Is this base folder what is meant by "root directory"? (It is actually the directory /storage/emulated/0/. Using Total Commander or similar I can indeed access the root directory / which itself contains folders data, dev, etc, mnt, .., .., storage, system, vendor; and using TC I could locate the zip file there i.e. at / - I think I could anyway - is this what is intended?)

    Question 2 (trivial)

    Step 6 recommends a factory reset as a final step. Isn't this essentially what has been achieved already through Steps 1 - 5?)

    Thnak you (or anybody else!) for this further illumination.

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