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US Android 14 Firmware Download+Upgrade Process

Star III

I noticed that (finally), an update was posted to the downloads! However, it is not for the US model 😞. However, some key information can be extracted

ZenFone 9 (AI2202) Software Image: WW-34.0304.2004.87, for WW/EU (excluding JP) SKU. This version needs to be upgraded from WW-33.0804.2060.218


My primary concern is that the last US update was version WW-33.0804.2060.142. As a result, I have 2 questions:

- when will the US update be posted?

- will that update have the same upgrade requirement? If so... It's kinda useless since people who use online firmware and not OTAs don't have version 218 available. 


Star III

As you can see, they are just a bunch of scammers. Never buy anything from Asus again and support other manufacturers who respect their customers.

Star I

I also need WW-33.0804.2060.218 update that is not available in the website for download. How can I get? so I can update to Android 14?

Star I

Is there a solution to this problem ?

There is not, and now the old firmware (which isn't even new enough to upgrade from to the android 14 one) is gone too. Very disappointing.