Asus Laptop X515JAB_X515JA

DobieDobie Level 1

Hello Sir or Madam,

I would like to have my personal date removed from your system. I no longer own the Laptop I am requesting personal information be removed.

e-mail [email protected] P.W. Dobie2154 -Vivo Book_Asus Laptop. Name: Mark F Gilles. Address: 48407 E, 2nd Street. P.O. Box 1017, Oakridge, Oregon -97463. Phone #: 458-205-4210.

Sister-in-law purchased it from me and will be setting it up. Currently unable to make any changes untill I have been removed. Current e-mail is [email protected] If any addittional information is needed please e-mail me. Notebook P.C. X515J. Model:X515JA-212.V15BB. P/N# 90NBOSR-1M42460.

M.Product Key ID# 3560265563520. S/N# M9NOCX18D95738G. Purchased 02/22/22.

Thank you, Mark F Gilles


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