Asus FA506IU 144hz Display not working after BIOS 320 Update

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  1. System: Windows 11
  2. Battery or AC: 180W
  3. Model: FA506IU
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  5. Reset OS: Yes many times
  6. Screenshot or video: Provided Below


Detailed description:

Recently my BIOS was automatically updated by windows, the latest BIOS update casued severe damage to my system, I can say this because my laptop was completely fine before BIOS update & after the BIOS update from Asus it has been frustrating for me.

After updating my BIOS the first thing I noticed was my screen had stopped working, I could only a small strip of the screen.

Even when I turned it off & restarted, Asus logo had disappeared from boot all I could see is a strip ( as in the photo ) on the screen, I tried opening BIOS & it opened but my screen was the same ( only showing that strip )

Firstly, I thought my scren encountered an hardware damage then after booting into Windows I connected my laptop to external display & as I was going through settings to check I changed the 'Screen refresh rate' to 60hz from 144hz. And suddenly my display started working. I was happy I disconnected the external display, as soon as I unplugged it the laptop's screen faced the same issue.

I did a lot of configuration, driver updations etc. But nothing literally nothing could fix this.

Then I googled about this problem, then I saw people have posted that after BIOS update they're facing problems in Asus systems (especially Asus tuf A15 144hz series) like it works fine on 60hz but doesn't work on 144hz.

All together what I could understand was after BIOS update this problem related to display was reported by many.

Also I noticed something unusual, my graphics card ( Nvidia one) was not detected & then I again tried to install drivers etc. But it didn't fix it. I flashed the BIOS again, it fixed the problem of graphic card after also reinstalling Windows 11.

But it still didn't fix the display problem at all.

Still when I connect an external display my internal screen works flawlessly at 60hz but not on 144hz. And once I unplug the external display, the internal display doesn't work on any refresh rate at all.

This is really frustrating, it's an very expensive laptop.


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