Asus tuf FX505dt is overheating ( 95 - 100.c) even throttling

DarkPrinceMohitDarkPrinceMohit Level 1
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  1. System: Windows 11 22000.778
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: Asus TUF FX505dt
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  5. Reset OS: Yes
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

My laptop used to give me excellent performance during gaming but now it is reaching 95. c even on games like GTA V at low settings.

I have tried everything but still, it is overheating. It used to be around 80. C even at ultra settings.

I have changed the thermal paste twice, but still no improvement.

I have even diagnosed the system using the MyASUS app but it didn't able to identify the problem.

Even reinstall armoury crate several times


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