Ac adapter stopped working randomly

  1. Battery or AC: A17-180P1A
  2. Model: GL703GM Notebook PC
  3. Frequency of occurrence: started today


Detailed description: I've had my pc on for 3 days cause I had it downloading something on my really slow internet. then I decided to turn it off at around 7am today then at around 5-6pm today the ac adapter wouldn't charge the laptop at all. Something i noticed before I turned it off at 7am was that the battery was at 95% while plugged which made me think it was discharging but even now the adapter won't work and my pc is completely dead. I did everything I could on it and I even disassembled the pc to check the battery and the battery was fine so I'm completely stumped on what to do. I've unplugged the adapter from the pc and the wall to see if it was just discharging and I'm wondering if I should just get a new ac adapter


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