Asus zenbook duo ux482

  1. System: Windows 11
  2. Battery or AC: Battery
  3. Model: UX482EG
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Regular
  5. Reset OS: Yes
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:I am having battery life issue on so called power saving mode of ASUS i.e Whisper mode. I am getting 5 hours battery life (screenpad off) on edge video playback 720p. In comparison I am getting 10 hours battery life on Balanced mode with same operations. Consulted service centre few times. They have no answers. Have written mails to ASUS with no response from 8 months. If Whisper mode is the mist power efficient mode in ASUS laptops then why I am getting rhe worst battery life after switching to that mode. Can I anyone help?



  • Any solutions for this or can anyone from ASUS explain what is Whisper Mode? May be i m getting it all wrong.

  • @kapilharmilapi

    May I ask what the system version and BIOS version you are currently using?

    How do you play the video, what is the detailed operation? For example: open the browser and run youtube?

  • Windows 11 home 64bit. Model of Laptop ASUS zenbook ux482EG, I5, 512gb. Bios version 312. Yes, I play video on browser on YouTube. I checked playing video on youtube at 720p resolution, with no other task running in BALANCED MODE, Laptop lasted for 10hrs and on WHISPER MODE, it lasted exactly 5hrs. As per ASUS, WHISPER MODE is a power saving mode, but in my case it is power draining mode. Can u suggest something. Note : Battery replaced twice by ASUS service centre and laptop has been factory reset twice as well by service centre. Problem is still there in WHISPER mode.

  • I have attached screenshot of the official ASUS SUPPORT page, wherein they have clearly mentioned about WHISPER MODE as power saving mode on which u get all day battery life. (Atleast better than Balanced mode).

  • @kapilharmilapi

    I have forwarded the information to the relevant department. We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

  • Ok dear..will wait

  • aau aauaau aau Level 2

    @kapilharmilapi meanwhile can you check the lower screen when on battery power if you are looking a page with a dark background, the contents sharpness, color gamut and brightness will change automatically and if you instantly switch to a white background you can feel it getting brighter every 2-3 second

  • @kapilharmilapi

    Please kindly provide the information below so that we can better assist you.

    1. Please confirm when setting balance mode or whisper mode in Myasus app. What is the status of the battery in the lower right corner after removing the AC? (Please provide screenshots.)

    2. The brightness of your LCD screen. (Please provide screenshots.)

    3. The version of MyASUS app and ASUS System Control Interface (ASCI) Driver.

    4. The detail version of the OS.

    Thank you.

  • I am attaching you all the required screenshots in the numbered ordered. File name of the image shows the required information. 4 screenshots in total, 1st image shows: Started at 79% on Whisper mode with YouTube video playback on edge main screen, 50% battery after 1.30 hrs on Whisper mode. 29% used in just 1.30 hrs (Screenpad is off).

    2nd image shows Brightness level & Battery percentage on Balanced mode. (This is just before switching over to Whisper mode)

    3rd image shows MY ASUS APP & ASCI Versions.

    4th image shows OS version

  • To summarize the issue, video playback on wifi on Balanced mode for 2hrs reduces battery by 20% in comparison to video playback on wifi for 2hrs reduces battery by 40% on Whisper Mode.

  • Just a quick update...At 50% battery I switched it over to Balanced mode while using YouTube video playback on edge. It took 9% battery in 1hr on this mode. Screenpad is off. Screenshot is attached for your reference.

  • @kapilharmilapi

    I have forwarded the information to the relevant department. We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

  • @kapilharmilapi I have noticed the same behaviour here intermittently between MyAsus software updates. If you use your device in performance mode do you get better battery life?

    I leave mine in performance mode and can get down to 4W usage in idle, it gives me maybe 10-12 hours useful battery life.

    Use a battery monitoring software to check what your power drain is, and then do a powercfg report and analyse it.

    I also found that if you use Windows' battery saver mode at least once after turning on your device, any telemetry or remote monitoring is paused and causes the OS to consume a lot less power even after you turn battery saver off again.

    Let us know how you go with the situation. It's really a great ultrabook when the battery lasts!

  • @potatosubwoofer

    Which battery monitoring software do you use? I haven't checked my laptop on Performance mode yet. Will check tomorrow.

    I get 5 hrs battery life on main screen (screenpad off) : Video playback on YouTube on edge on Whisper mode.

    I get 10 hrs battery life on main screen (screenpad off) : Video playback on YouTube on edge on Balanced mode.

    I get 4 hrs battery life on main screen : Video playback on YouTube on edge and Screenpad : Windows explorer opened on Whisper mode.

    I get 8 hrs battery life on main screen : Video playback on YouTube on edge and Screenpad : Windows explorer opened on Balanced mode.

    Can u please explain when you use your laptop on Performance mode and you get 10 to 12 hrs battery life, are u using both the screens? Let me know you battery life on Performance mode with main display (screenpad off) and both displays ON individually. Thanks

  • @potatosubwoofer

    How do u check that it uses 4W on Performance mode? Where can we check it?

  • @kapilharmilapi

    It has been confirmed that this phenomenon will be optimized in the subsequent release of the BIOS. I will reply to you as soon as the BIOS is released. Thank you for your patience.

  • Ok will wait for new version of bios.

  • aau aauaau aau Level 2

    OK thanks a lot mate @kapilharmilapi ,your discussion has also solved a lot of my problems, i have been facing for 2 months and mostly stopped using this laptop.

    My cursor when using the touchpad basically starts lagging whenever i am on balanced mode or performance mode, what happens is if i am scrolling this forum on the google web search page using two finger scroll on touchpad the cursor will start lagging right afterwards, For some reason i never tried whisper mode before, but today after reading your post from the top i tried it and haven't faced the issue a single time.

    Hoping the new update corrects this.

  • @aau aau

    Dear! How much battery life are u getting on Whisper mode and Balanced mode on this ux482 laptop using both screens?

  • aau aauaau aau Level 2

    i have installed windows 11 from scratch so i don't know which power setting takes precedence ,windows or asus.

    instead of checking battery life, just open task manager in bottom screen and check base frequency of the cpu when on different modes.

    Task Manager>Performance Tab>CPU(left column)

    and open myasus and snap it on the right in the lower screen and change modes while running two screen on top one webpage and one video

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