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I have download accubattery. I think it's strange i have only 80% battery health on almost brand new phone!


  • @Rexator I would take AccuBattery stats with a truckload of salt. If you suspect that there's something wrong with your battery, please contact a local ASUS service center and/or your reseller.

  • BlumiBlumi Level 2

    AccuBattery is very inaccurate. Especially if you use the charging options of your Zenfone.

  • OscarooOscaroo Level 1


    I've also had this issue. Its very frustrating.

    Until this phone, accubattery has been perfect. In this phone the implementation of the battery API or power consumption whatever is shit and inaccurate.

    After two 0 to 100 cycles I managed to get accubattery reporting up to 3500mah capacity.

    Maybe with more cycles I can get to 4000mah but hen after two more 20 to 80 cycles it dropped down to 3300. With some weeeeird values at night when not using the phone. See screenshot.

    Clearly, my phone can't drop 1% of charge and also charge up by 3563 mAh in 28 minutes

    So... I'm just going to uninstall accubattery as it's worthless on this phone. Its literally useless and causes more heartache than anything.

  • BlumiBlumi Level 2

    Yes I agree.

    It is also weird, that if you charge to 80% charging stops immediately at reaching 80%. When charging to 100% it stops around 15 minutes after. Also, if you are using planned charging, it charges to 81% and then the last 19% don't count into the AccuBattery statistics. Means: the 4000mAH are not taken I to account of the battery health.

    This breaks AccuBattery.

  • OscarooOscaroo Level 1

    Normally a phone charging past 100% is indicative of a poorly calibrated battery. As is having power for an hour of YouTube at 1%.

    Maybe it's not just accubattery that's shit but in fact all the battery estimation including oem% being shit.

  • BlumiBlumi Level 2


    I mean it's rather a feature than a bug but I can be annoying if you're not aware.

    I like my Zenfone anyways

  • OscarooOscaroo Level 1

    its so bad, ive just gotten rid of the battery icon completely. I dont care what the battery is at.

    I'll set the powersaver mode to run at 10% and it'll pop up a new icon. When it getst here, i probably still have 2hrs SOT left.

    It's like the opposite of those cars whose fuel tank gauge shows FULL for the first 2/3 of the actual tank.

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