ZenBook Pro Duo UX582HS - Asus Premium Care Availability?

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Hello! I'm having some trouble. I purchased an expensive UX582HS ($3,285 including tax) here in the US from B&H Photo. I'm trying to get Asus Premium Care. In the MyAsus app - it only shows the Standard StudioBook Warranty being available, no Asus Premium Care.

Furthermore when I try to purchase or make any account changes (i.e. address) via the MyAsus app itself - I get a server timeout error.

How can I buy APC outside of the MyAsus app? I found a link, but then discovered it was Asus Canada. I've been unable to find it for my laptop. I've submitted a couple of tickets with support but unfortunately they all seem to be clueless and I'm going in circles.

Usually I purchase Lenovo. This dual screen though really caught my eye. I was nervous. The PC is amazing and blew any expectations I had BUT I don't want to be with a $3k+ laptop and not have the premium warranty. I do need onsite/local repair and that type of stuff. Prior to ordering, Asus did confirm with me that APC was available for this laptop and if I purchased via B&H Photo as a new device and said just not through Best Buy if I wanted APC.

Any help would be appreciated.

System: Zenbook Pro Duo UX582HS

  1. Battery or AC: N/A
  2. Model: UX582HS
  3. Frequency of occurrence: N/A
  4. Reset OS: N/A
  5. Screenshot or video: Attached


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