ASUS Laptop E410MA won't let me use the taskbar

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I was wondering if any one else had the same issue, okay so I removed macafee and microsoft office, four different types, italian, german, french and yes the english one I don't like microsoft office.

So the next problem after removing them use the programs uninstall system. I restart the little laptop and find I can't use the Window Logo button, the start button at the bottom of the task bar it says class not regonised or something.

I havn't got the lap top in front of me right now, its on the way to the recycle xxx !!!! xxx so before I completely recylce this horrid little note book is there anything I can do to spare it, saveme buying another one.

Can I turn it into a chrome book, why would I want to do that you ask because Microsoft won't let me do anything on this lap top at all, all because I took away its dummy ie microsoft office and macafee which I loathe with a passion.



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