what is Zenfone 8 wifi router compatibility list?

Hi Asus,

I've been debuging my zenfone 8 wifi issue for weeks now. And I came into conclusion that it now fail to connect with stable connection to router with Wifi5 (802.11ac) mode. The phone will have random reboot, or loss wifi connection and fail to connect again to any wifi until the phone is reboot again.

After reboot, the symptom repeat again and the cycle continue endlessly. I have confirm my house routers never had any firmware update recently. So that isolate the issue goes to the phone itself

Currently i was on Version WW- firmware and still seeing the issue. this issue has been haunted me since the previous 2 firmware before this and limit my internet speed due to i cannot connect to the 802.11ac mode. Beside, the random reboot is depressing.

I appreciate if you can shed some light what was done on the last 3 firmwares about wifi protocol. Currently I'm testing it with 802.11n protocol after changing the allowed mode in my router (limit to 802.11n protocol only). So far, i dont discover a random reboot and wifi disconnecting like the above.

in Summary my questions

1) where i can get the router compatibility list

2) Is there any planned fix for this issue I highlighting through firmware update to support more routers


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