Asus Laptop Critique: Too much Hardware Reserved memory on 8GB system.

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Model: Asus m515da-382s1t laptop, AMD Ryzen 3 3250u with Radeon Graphics 2600 8GB Ram
  3. Frequency of occurrence: All the time
  4. Additional keywords: issue, problem, review, sucks


Detailed description:

The graphics card reserves 2Gb of RAM for itself making only 6Gb available.

This is way too much because only 10% is used when streaming YouTube and that is what I bought this laptop for. The 2Gb will never be utilized and it is really a waste. A more appropriate default would be 200MB. I really wish I had went for a model with an Intel chip because they do not seem to have this issue.

There is no option to change this anywhere.


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