Tuf gaming F15 first edition 2021 battery too low

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I just bought my new laptop asus tuf gaming F15 and the battery drains so fast no longer than 2 hours its such a problem for me

I just use it for office web browsing not even gaming still not installed games

i am really disappointed with thi spoitn

i did all the updates and always put it in silent and dosent stay longer than 2 hours


    1. delete all possible scheduled tasks registered under tasks schedule.
    2. disable all startup items from the task manager.
    3. set never to background running applications under battery
    4. set unwanted services startup type to manual
    5. uninstall very rarely used applications from os
    6. scan C drive from Microsoft defender.
    7. set sleep time after 3 minutes in AC and DC
    8. set display brightness 30% in AC and DC

  • Hi there,

    There are plenty of factors that could affect the batter.

    Program or updates in the background, wifi, bluetooth, screen brightness, volume....

    So you can try to adjust them and see if it gets better.

    Thank you.

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