Does all K513 models with 250nits have IPS panels?

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Hi, I'm trying to purchase the Asus K513EA here in Egypt, but non of the sellers in the country are clear about whether the display panel is IPS or not. 

However, some sellers list the laptop as having a panel with 250nits and by looking at the specification page of that model (K513) it lists all variations that have 250nits panels with IPS. Other variations that don't have IPS have 200nits

reference 1:

[asus K513 specs page - I'm not allowed to include links because I'm a new member]

Now, if you go to one of the sellers websites, it has this model with 250nits but it doesn't say whether it has IPS panel or not. 

reference 2: in PRODUCT DETAILS

[sellers website - I'm not allowed to include links because I'm a new member]

I contacted the seller but they don't know if it's IPS panel or not. 

My question would be, can I assume that because the listed laptop (on the seller's website) have 250nits that by consequence it also has an IPS display?

Thank you so much for your support. Please understand that I don't want to waste my time ordering only to have the product returned because it doesn't have IPS panel.

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