issue with fan in zephyrus g14

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  1. System: Asus Rog Zephyrus G14
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: GA401II
  4. Frequency of occurrence: 2940
  5. Reset OS: no
  6. Screenshot or video: video


Detailed description:Over Heating Issue With Fans , I included the video , how to resolve my problem


  • Hi there,

    If you are using MyASUS App and you have fan diagnosis issue, there is no need to worry about it.

    The laptop is fine and the app will be adjusted in latter version.

    And also your laptop is not overheating.

    Thank you.

  • Until when the update will come to my laptop its 22/11/21

  • Same issue here, did the myAsus fan check after I started lagging in Valorant. Noticed my fans do not spin above 3000rpm (Armoury Crate) during gaming on performance mode causing it to overheat, which in turn is why I'm lagging. MyAsus returned that is has detected an issue with my fan, exactly the same with this person.

    Model : RTX2060, R9 4900hs, 16gb ram, 1tb nvme ssd.

    Side note, fans are still clean with little to no dust.

  • Does your fans spin above 3000rpm when gaming? I can't game atm due to this. However, idle temps are fine 30-40 Celsius, I am able to attend classes and do some light codding with Microsoft Visual, so no overheating during normal use, only when gaming as the fans don't ramp up to cool the dam thing.

  • Hi there,

    in the video of the first user, the temp and RPM are completely fine.

    If you have concern about yours, please share some screenshot and video.

    Thank you.

  • Dear all,

    My ASUS has been released to solve the fan diagnosis issue.

    Please kindly help to update.

    Thank you.

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