My phone just bricked

LianaLiana Level 1
edited December 2021 in ZenFone 8

Everything was ok, I was using my phone, it was on charge with reasonable amount of charge already, and then it just turned off and stopped reacting. No LED indicator on charge, no vibration when I try to turn it on, no RAMPDUMP screen on the turning on, just no reaction at all.

I hope it is fixable, because I have very valuable to me pictures from my recent honeymoon there... And just overall I finally managed to organized it finally the way I want, and it just died. I tried holding button for long, tried combos with volume buttons, nothing help. Leaving on charge didn't help either.

Recently, maybe yesterday or two days before the phone had an update, so it might be related, I don't know. I really hope Asus would adress that.

I also wrote to Service Center, but I wanted to post here, to see if there is other feedback.



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