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My experiences with the Zenfone 8 and ASUS' support

Star III
Hi everyone, just thought I would share my less than ideal experiences with ASUS' support and the Zenfone 8.
It actually all started on the day I bought it: the charger was defective due to the port being placed incorrectly meaning I couldn't plug in the cable. I sent it in for repair and around 3 weeks later got it back with a repaired port.
All was good and I actually really enjoyed using the phone (even if the battery life wasn't great). Fast forward 4 months and I got the dreaded ramdump issue and had to send it in for repair yet again.
They replaced the mainboard and I got it back relatively quickly, though there was some issue with the RMA process, meaning I didn't get the confirmation email until about a week later (and the description I had put in was gone). So in total it took a bit less than two weeks.
Got the phone back and immediately noticed some kind of residue or something that covered the screen. I cleaned it off, but the screen definitely didn't feel as smooth as it did before, even to this day it feels more sticky compared to my other phones. I also did some closer inspection around the frame and noted some marks that weren't there before. But as I didn't have proof of any of this there's nothing to do about it.
The bigger issue was that the front camera wasn't working at all. I did some troubleshooting steps but nothing helped - it seemed as if it didn't exist at all.
I did another RMA where they replaced the front camera module. They had to wait for a replacement part, but in total it took around the same time as the ramdump RMA.
I got it back, and thought, surely it must all be working now? The front camera was working again, sure. But now the fingerprint sensor only works around 5-10% of the time - complaining about the sensor being dirty. Here's a video of me trying to add my fingerprint (and failing) for a whole minute:

ASUS are, of course, refusing to replace the unit, or give me a refund - only telling me to send it in for repair yet again (and have them break something else, probably). The reseller is only referring me to ASUS, saying that they trust ASUS' RMA process.

Is this how the RMA process is supposed to work, ASUS? Can I not trust your Service Center to send me back a working phone?

Rising Star II
Pretty much the same experience i had with them. They refuse to give back your money when clearly they f*** up their service and the product itself. I would invest your hard earned money else where. Asus mobile is a joke.

Star III
This is a complete joke - now the service center wants me to pay a fee because they were not able to reproduce the issue, even though my video proves it's not working properly. Or maybe it's my finger that's broken?
I really just want to be done with this, but as I paid a lot of money for the phone I feel like I can't just let it slide.