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  1. System: PRODUO UX582LR
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: UX582LR
  4. Frequency of occurrence: NEW and Back from warranty
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description: First off thank you for any comments help or support in trouble shooting this issue. Really someone has similar setup and can confirm it has worked or has similar issues.

Just got back the Laptop after sending to asus for a couple week warranty on the 2 Thunderbolt USBC ports and nothing is fixed or better. Nice job on speed but what did you actually do? Fix? Test with monitors VIA USBC?

The Goal is to use the Zenbook pro duoUX582LR  in my office, I have 2 PROART PA279CV and they came with USBC cables for display use, I want to plug in the USBC into the 2 Thunderbolt ports on the laptop and have the 2 monitors work in 4k 60fps (Their Advertising worked to get me to buy lol but its never worked!!) and use the other USB ports in the back of the monitor for peripherals like keyboard , and mouse dongle, and mic and leds and hard drives ETC. Sound like a normal cool setup?

Best buy said should be plug and play. Asus support says driver this and driver that and should be plug and play. Advertising warranty says send to us and should be plug and play. NOPE!

One monitor will work SOLO with HDMI port with laptop to HDMI on monitor. OK so did my laptop and monitor from 6 years ago. When I do this and plug in the USBC into monitor and thunderbolt on the laptop the laptop doesn't recognize any peripherals plugged into the USB ports on monitor. SO thats a FAIL AGAIN. Was going to compromise on blowing $4k on this setup and just have one monitor and laptop but that wont even work for the HDMI for display, AND usbc for connectivity, NORE dongle in SUBC to HDMI like Im trying to avoid.

When i plug in my Samsung note 20 into the USBC on the monitor the monitor works and peripheral USB ports on monitor work for mouse and keyboard. OH and when i plug in my phone into the usbc it automatically turns on the monitor!! like its supposed to. unlike the zenbook pro duo oled where if it goes to sleep and you try and turn back on the monitor has to be restarted with power switch on back of monitor for it to come back on with laptop display on it. Real fun when you have on mounted swing arms... With of course is with only HDMI... SUCCESS for SAMSUNG with easy plug and play via USBC from a phone works instantly but WHY NOT ASUS TOP OF THE LINE 3K LAPTOP???

Both monitors work when I use my SAMSUNG NOTE 20 plugged into the D designated PRO Art Display USBC Thunderbolt on back on monitors. Like they should. PLUG and PLAY!!! I honestly think there is nothing wrong with these monitors. Im gonna just go buy a HP Envy 28 all in one and test it out and end up with 3 monitors and a $3k Paperweight of a laptop.

Neither monitors will work with the USBC thunderbolt into laptop. Doesn't even recognize and gives error message every now and then. not everytime its plugged in. Ive tried restarting the monitors while plugged in. Resetting monitors. Updating drivers and all updates available with asus.

For $4k I gotta say one would expect a plug and play when you buy something from a manufacturer and monitors from same manufacturer with all advertising saying you can plug in 2 external monitors and get 4k at 60fps. I got 0k and 5 weeks of headaches and nothing working together.

Welcome comments and feed back and any advice. I now the tone of this is all pretty doom gloom. BUt im outside return period for laptop after Asus assured me if i sent in for warranty the USBC would connect 2 monitors if i sent in for warranty repair. I went from total excitement on splurge mode for 4k video and photography editing on the go and in office with one setup and its a straight fail. To get this brand new setup and to get nothing working as advertised is a JOKE so YOUR turn ASus. Whats the fix???

Previous closed post below:

Trying to set up the new duo UX582LR with 2 asus pro art pa279cv with the USBC as the connection. It is not working on either of them. Tried the HDMI and it works right away. Tested each one separately, as UX582LR only has one HDMI, and they both work well WITH HDMI. But when I try with the USBC neither pro art displays will work. The USBC also doesn't work just as a peripheral connection for other mouse, mic, and keyboard plugged into the monitors.

Updated drivers as that was suggested but still no USBC to monitor working...

What i want is to setup the UX582LR with the 2 PROART PA279CV with the USBC thunderbolts for display and be able to plug things into the monitors and have the UX582lr recognize anything I plug into the monitors.

Loving the displays and the laptop but getting them all to connect with just the USBC thunderbolts is proving to be impossible.

Thank you for help and answers!!



  • Hi there,

    Just double checking,

    when you plug in 2 monitor through 2 USB C port, was the screenpad turned off?

    Thank you.

  • Thanks for that idea Blake!! I hadnt tried that but unfortunately i just did turn off the screen pad plus and 1 monitor doesnt connect but itself with usbc and neither does the other and both dont work while both plugged in via USBC. Any more ideas? Thank you!

  • Hi there,

    I'm thinking that that the issue might be the cable.

    You are using the TypeC to TypeC cable from the monitor, right?

    The Type C port on UX582 is supporting Thunderbolt , and the Type C port on PA279CV is Displayport.

    So we need to double check if the cable is supporting such signal.

    Or you may try another cable like Type C(laptop) to Hdmi(monitor)

    Thank you.

  • I believe ive tried that but to clarify your saying buy a usb c to hdmi adapter and plug hdmi in monitor?? so usbc plugged into laptop and then hdmi port into monitor?

    That seems to defeat the whole purpose of usbc to usbc as one cable and using peripherals from USB on monitor to connect to laptop and monitor to connect to laptop?

    The pro arts came with a usbc cable each. those work with my note 20 fine for display, but with laptop to monitor. nope. phone to laptop with usbc, yes as a charger and to connect for downloading files to and from phone. I assume those usbc cables are meant for doing what im trying to do. Plug laptop or computer into monitor and be done. get display and perpherals.

    When i went to best buy to pick their brains they said this should just be usbc to usbc and plug and play. I bought a multi adaptor to test this out. its the insignia 7 port usbc hub. the laptop recognizes it when i plug in, works for mouse and extra keyboard, but hdmi from port to monitor. doesn't work. I was going to dongle usbc to hdmi and USB3.0 and compromise but that didnt even work. Best buy said if that dongle does not work then its definitely ASUS issue with how laptop is made and send in for warranty. so i sent in and got back and am at where i started.

    Im at the point where if all tech people i talk to say this should be easy plug and play including asus then i think im going to send the monitors and cables supplied by asus to asus and the laptop back to asus. if they cant set this system up they way its advertised to work and get it to work then im just going to escalate it till someone actually admits it cant be done or says heres the fix xyz or heres your $4,200 back sorry for wasting your time.

    Any other suggestions? Cables from asus Pro arts should i think work for usbc to usbc if it works from my note 20 plug and play? im going to keep trouble shooting till nov 1st. aprpeciate your help.

  • Hi there,

    the Note 20, or I would say mobile phone display export mechanism is not working the same way as laptops.

    We are just asking if you have anything to cross check other way of connection, to make sure that the laptop is functioning correctly.

    We have tested UX582 with PA279CV, it is true that it should be plug and play.

    So from our experience, the problem is probably the monitor and the cable, instead of the laptop.

    Can you help to check the monitor firmware?

    (in the monitor OSD, in system setting>display information )

    Thank you.

  • Blake great to hear you guys agree it should be plug and play and has been tested. Are these pics of the display information what you need for what version it is? V019

    Cable I'm using provided with monitors

    Cables I ordered that are longer to use for monitor stands. Should these be compatable?

    Thank you again for your help. Really hope we get some where.

  • Hi there,

    Please check your PM.

    Thank you.

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