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ASUS F17 cpu is not boosting after replugging charger

System: ASUS TUF F17 (FX706HC-HX070T)
Battery or AC: After connecting AC while being on battery
Model: (FX706HC-HX070T)
Frequency of occurrence: all the time
Reset OS: Yes had done resetting once
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:

I bought this laptop 1 week ago, the problem is that after being on battery for a while when I reconnect the charger the cpu wont boost it will stay below 2.4 ghz (the boosting frequency is 4ghz)
Everything is uptodate (windows 11 is not installed)
MyAsus app shows no hardware problem
Laptop is on latest bios release

this problem will only go away after restarting the pc while plugged in

problem screenshots
this is intel tuning utility now the laptop is connected to power but it wont boost and it seems to be caused by EDP throttling
this screenshot is taken taken after restarting the laptop with power plugged in now the lap can boost till 4ghz and there is no problem

so is the problem related to any driver issue or is it caused by hardware failure, also if any fix is known please let us know

Community Legend II
Hi there,
If you switch different mode in Armoury Crate, does the CPU boost?
Thank you.

No, not working

Community Legend II
Hi there,
How many battery percentage do you have when you replug the adapter?
If you wait for a while, let it charge back to higher percentage, does it boost?
Thank you.

60-80% charge.